German Day 6

Total actual Deutsch practice-having-applied-time (TADPHAT):

2 hours, 25 minutes.

  • Active listening: 60 minutes
  • Listening comprehension (Anki): 40 minutes.
  • Written comprehension, some production (Anki): 20 minutes.
  • Written production (Lang-8): 15 minutes.
  • Speaking & Listening (Skype): 10 minutes.

Hour 1

Listening to podcasts: Lesson 4 from Radio D, lesson 5 from Learn German by Podcast, and repeated lesson 1 of Slow German. Then I watched/listened to the first episode of Harry Lost in Time and Mission Berlin, both really cool shows from Deutsche Welle.

Hour 2

DuoLingo and Anki. For Anki, I only did the 10,000-sentence deck (see video below) and the MCD (massive cloze deletion) deck I made myself from a Slow German transcript. I’m thinking about deleting the 2,000-word deck. It’s just not very fun to learn vocabulary words completely out of context like that.

Hour 3

I wrote a short introduction in German on Lang-8 (and spent a bit longer correcting other people’s English entries), sent friend requests to a bunch of German speakers on the site, and finished turning the Slow German lesson about Biergartens into Anki flashcards. I also found out about a language meetup in Taiwan that has German speakers on Wednesdays.

Hour 4

I had a 40-minute conversation on Skype with somebody I contacted on Conversation Exchange. We didn’t plan it, just happened to be online at the same time. Only ten of those minutes were spent speaking German, unfortunately.

Calling these time periods hours is a little bit of an exaggeration. They probably add up to more like three hours of actually studying. I’m trying to be easy on myself about that though.

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