Der Explikator

New podcast

I just found another German podcast that includes transcripts, helpfully linked from Slow German.

Der Explikator. What a cool name. If an English-language podcast tried to get away with using that ‘K’ it’d just look pretentious, but since it’s German, that’s just how it’s spelled.

The narrator enunciates clearly and speaks at a medium pace. There are more than 500 episodes, so there’s surely something for everybody. A few episodes I’m excited about:

I kind of wish this podcast was in English so I could listen to them without having to work so hard. Which is exactly the attitude I should have, since it means I’m using the German as a means to get to the message, rather than vice versa.

2 thoughts on “Der Explikator”

  1. Hello, WhateverYourNameIs!
    Thank you for liking my podcast – I’m glad I found your blog this way.
    I’m starting to learn French right now and will check your posts regularly from now on!
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Great to hear that you’re learning French, I hope my blog can be of some help. Thanks for the encouragement, and thanks for creating such an entertaining and useful podcast!

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