Batman’s problem and a solution to quantum computers

How many times is it going to take for me to learn this lesson? In the previous post I was lamenting how I couldn’t find a German podcast featuring natural dialogue and a transcript, which I could use to make my newfangled DIY audio flashcards.

I’d tested the technique on an episode of Der Explikator about quantum computers. It worked pretty well: the portion of the podcast that I cut up and made into cards quickly turned comprehensible. But then I started complaining that the content was pretty irrelevant to my everyday German conversational needs.

Mr. Wunderlich, Der Explikator himself, pointed out to me recently that there’s a page on his site dedicated to short radio plays. They also include transcripts. Heilige Makrele, Batman!

(And don’t get me wrong, Mr. Wunderlich. I may have exaggerated a bit in that last post — I am interested in quantum computers. I wouldn’t have picked that episode to begin with if I weren’t. But yes, it was my mistake to try using it for my A1-level German studies. These radio plays with dialogue, on the other hand, seem like just the ticket. So, thank you!)

I just spent 20 minutes on a Batman and Robin story in which it seems like Batman is more interested in visiting bars than actually finding the Riddler. I only managed to make 20 cards in those 20 minutes. Actually, that’s not so bad. I had been thinking about this card creation as a waste of time, but I realize now that it has value. Those 20 minutes I spent creating the cards, listening to the audio in chunks, and copying the text into Google Translate, I was also understanding the content. This will help the reviews go more smoothly later. And I feel motivated to keep making more cards now, because I want to see how the story continues. Funny how stories work like that, isn’t it?

So what’s the lesson that I alluded to above? Don’t underestimate what you can find on the internet! In this case, if I’d only done a slightly more thorough job of checking every page on Der Explikator, I would have found these radio plays a long time ago.

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