I admit it. I didn’t learn much Persian this month.

I could make all sorts of excuses or *ahem* reasons. I only started a full week into February, already a short month. I got sick *twice* this month, and traveled twice, which made my effective learning days very few indeed.

But I reject the premise of these rationalizations. They’re based on the assumption that I didn’t reach some sort of goal, ostensibly learning a certain amount of Persian or spending a certain amount of time learning Persian.

True, several months ago I did say my revised goal for the year would be to spend each month setting up a new language practice (and later expressed doubts about this goal). But it has become more and more clear to me that this goal might still be too ambitious. At least, if I want to preserve my sanity through the end of the year.

I could just throw up my hands at the whole “one language a month” idea and focus on one, two, or three languages for a while. But I’m not ready to give up yet.

Who says a month with a new language has to be stressful, or has to result in some kind of “practice” being set up? What if a month were just a chance to explore a new language, learn enough to get a feel for it, find some cool resources, and remember to come back later if I ever feel inspired? Is that a waste of time?

Of course not. Again, as with most things, the difference between doing nothing and doing a tiny bit is vastly greater than the difference between doing a tiny bit and doing a lot.

I realize I’ve become a broken record on this topic.

In the last post I talked about the idea of reducing decision fatigue by putting all my language learning links in an easily accessible place. Today I downloaded a Chrome extension imaginatively titled Home – New Tab Page. I deleted all the other stuff on there by default and just added links to my top seven German, Korean, and Persian learning resources (mostly podcasts, and a couple fake links — reminders to myself about audio that’s in my iTunes library).

I suspect this app isn’t the best fit for what I’m doing, but it seems good enough to start with. I’ll report back about how well it’s working in a future post.

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