Typing in Korean

I’ve been putting this off way too long. It’s time to learn how to type in Korean. I’m using a U.S. English MacBook, which comes with no fewer than five different Korean input methods: 2-Set Korean, 3-Set Korean, 390 Sebulshik, GongjinCheong Romaja, and HNC Romaja. Where to begin?

MacInfo says “Romaja” is another word for “not really typing in Korean.” It just uses the Latin alphabet sounds to try to approximate Korean sounds. It’s very approximate. So, for instance to type:

이름 뭐여요?

I have to actually type:

x-i-r-w-m     m-u-e-x-y-e-x-y-o-?

ㅇ ㅣ ㄹ ㅡ ㅁ    ㅁ ㅜ ㅓ ㅇ ㅣ ㅓ ㅇ ㅣ ㅗ ?

The “proper” way is using 2-Set, which maps each key to a particular component of Hangul characters. The hard part is that unlike the Romaja systems, there is no correspondence at all between the Latin alphabet letters on the U.S. English keyboard and the Hangul components they map to.

What about 3-Set? According to this Quora answer, it’s similar to 2-Set but with a newfangled mapping. In other words, skip it.

How do I type 이름 뭐여요? in 2-Set? Try this:

d-l-f-m-a     a-n-j-d-u-d-y?

ㅇ ㅣ ㄹ ㅡ ㅁ     ㅁ ㅜ ㅓ ㅇ ㅕ ㅇ ㅛ ?

Notice how it takes fewer characters with 2-Set, because there are keys that map directly to ㅕ and ㅛ.

Is the 2-Set mapping the same layout that standard keyboards use in Korea?

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